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Our Profile, Élevage La Croy de Bayone
Arlequin * Boston * Noir

I am a member of the Canadian Canine Club since more than fifteen years and also a member of the Great Dane Club of Quebec. I adhere to the code of ethic of breeders and I reproduce my dogs in a very occasional way with the best of my knowledge, while always trying to expend my horizons of the canine world. I am also very concerned with education and always tries to inform the dog lovers. The name of my Kennel comes from the localization of our first house; it was at the edge of the Bayonne river, and a wooden cross was planted there a very long time ago and we decide to refer to the word cross but pronounce "Croy" (like the old French way) and add the name of the river to compose our kennel name.

Of all the colors recognized in this beautiful breed, I chose the Harlequin. Although particularly interesting since each "marking" of harlequin is unique in itself, being a breeder of harlequin is not an easy task, since from harlequins, or born from harlequins, are born five different colors which only three can be presented in exhibitions. The subjects being able to be selected are thus in a restricted number. It is a long process, yet over the years in dealing with thoroughness and rigor, I think it is possible to stand up for what I believe; health, a balanced temperament and a beautiful conformation.




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